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Rich Mangicaro

“Drummer / Percussionist”

Artist Relations

“Experience Is The Difference”

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For the past 30 years, Founder Rich Mangicaro has worked as Artist Relations Manager, securing exclusive endorsement contracts with musicians such as iconic studio legend John “JR” Robinson, Paul McCartney’s Abe Laboriel Jr., Tool’s Danny Carey and countless others.  He currently works in product development for Gon Bops Percussion Company, Innovative Percussion Inc. and Roots EQ as well as manages each of these company’s Artist Relations divisions.

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As a respected entertainment journalist, Rich’s feature articles have been published nationally and internationally by Modern Drummer, Drumhead, Rhythm UK, Drummer UK, Batteur – France, DrumScene – Australia and more.

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Along with his extensive Artist Relations skills, Rich is a seasoned musician, having performed with many artists including Glenn Frey & Joe Walsh, Venice, David Crosby, Jackson Browne, Michael McDonald, The Tubes, Billy Idol, America, and Aaron Neville. Being a professional working artist himself, Rich provides first-hand knowledge of the needs of the artist, making truly unique.  A full service approach to all artist needs ranging from product design and development to marketing direction and brand imaging; First hand, professional musician experience with the ability to accurately advise on touring and recording session needs.

Entertainment Journalism

“Everyone Loves A Good Read”

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Compelling coverage about active, successful artists; discussion and useful reviews on the latest instruments; newsworthy events and trend-setting media – all written by an entertainment journalist who has actually been there and lived the life. 

Rich Mangicaro’s feature articles:

Multimedia Production

“Stories That Speak True”

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Our production company, RAM57 produces engaging experiences that reflect the artist’s true vision, personality, and talent. We work closely with them from first interview to final edit. Products available include everything from short bio pieces, to intimate visits backstage, to documentary-style web series packages.

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Art Direction

“Effective Collaborations”

We take very seriously the art of creating an ad campaign. When it comes to utilizing the name and likeness of a well-known,respected artist, we feel it is equally important to represent the spirit of the artist, as well as the quality of the product they’re associated with. Featured here are various campaigns created, produced and art-directed by Rich Mangicaro.


“Our Latest Activities”


“We Champion Brands Trusted By The World’s Finest Artists”

We know the ins and outs of product/talent endorsements, providing the most productive results possible for both parties. With over 25 years experience designing trade & consumer show displays, our primary motive in this arena is to utilize the endorsement relationship to increase the overall image and sales potential of the product, in conjunction with highlighting the artist’s talents who use those products. manages Artist Relations divisions for Gon Bops Percussion Company and Innovative Percussion, Inc., and is a product and marketing consultant for these fine brands:

Gon BopsInnovative PercussionPaisteDWRemoRoots EQ



  • “When writing letters of recommendation about someone’s work ethics or character, we at Drum Workshop, Inc., {the entire music manufacturing industry to my knowledge} hold Rich Mangicaro in the highest regard. His knowledge, skill, musicianship and personal touch with individuals is second to none. Having known Rich personally since the mid 1980’s, I can state with great confidence that this gentleman is worthy of my highest recommendation.”John Good

    — John Good (Senior Executive Vice President - Drum Workshop, Inc.) —
  • “Rich Mangicaro represents both sides of the coin. He has been a working artist as well as the go to guy for artist relations. Rich now combines this expertise together to bring the in-depth information to us about endorsements.”Ndugu Chancler

    — Ndugu Chancler (Santana; Michael Jackson; Professor-Jazz Studies - U. of Southern California.) —
  • “My name is Curt Bisquera. I am a professional drummer who has had the opportunity to work with Richard Mangicaro both onstage as well with as him as Head A&R of the cymbal company I endorse-Paiste. I have known Rich since the mid-Eighties and his reputation in the music industry is widely respected. He has a way with people that makes us all feel taken care of. His drive for making you and the company “first priority” shows in his actions. He is one to make it all happen-not one to fall back on his word, which is very rare these days. Rich is one of the industry gems that all companies need to have. Thank you for allowing me to share this with you.”Curt Bisquera

    — Curt Bisquera (Sarah McLachlan; Los Angeles recording session artist) —
  • “I have been a professional musician for 35 years. Consistently touring in the international scene performing on the most notable world stages. I have played on approximately forty-five CD’s and I am a signed recording artist to EFA Records. Currently I endorse Paiste Cymbals, Pearl Drums, Vater Drumsticks and Remo Percussion. I have been with Paiste since 1980 and for the majority of that period Rich Mangicaro has been the artist representative. It has been a rare occasion in my career to be so fortunate in having a professional relationship with an individual such as Rich who clearly defines the word “professional”. He is exemplary in his work, tireless in his work ethic, extraordinary in the responsibility he assumes and a ‘class act’ in the manner in which he relates to others. Rich Mangicaro is the exception. If there would be a model for artist representation, Rich would be it. I would like to offer my highest recommendation for Rich Mangicaro in any capacity where he is being considered. He would be an exceptional inclusion in any endeavor. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly.” Kim Plainfield

    — Kim Plainfield (Percussion Department Chairman-“The Collective”, New York City; Professor of Drum Studies-Berklee College of Music) —
  • “Just a few words about Rich Mangicaro…For over 15 years Rich has been THE go-to-guy at Paiste. When I am looking for a sound for record project or specific tour coming up, I know Rich can find that sound for me. An accomplished percussionist himself, he understands ‘artist speak’ totally. He is the Pro’s Pro when it comes to percussion sounds and we all rely on him, heavily. One specific example was Yamaha Groove night, 2004 Winter NAMM. I had been talking with Rich about needing a warmer richer series of Crash Cymbals…something rich and full but not too bright, blah, blah, blah – An alternative crash to compliment and contrast to the Signature Full series I was using almost exclusively. He responded that if I could wait about a month he would have something for me he thought would work. He brought a full selection of Paiste’s brand new Dark Energy line for my performance that night. I played them in public for the first time on that show and they were as if he had taken my lame description of what I was looking for and cast that definition into a cymbal. They were stunning. He had chosen the perfect cymbal. I use them to this day. Rich is a musician and professional of the highest order and treats my techs in Los Angeles, Nashville and on-tour, with the same respect and attention he affords the most famous drummers in the world.”Paul Leim

    — Paul Leim (drummer for Faith Hill; countless hit records from the Nashville session scene) —
  • “Rich has been a close friend and a champion of my career for close to 20 years. The concept of endorsements is often cloudy and misunderstood. Rich’s knowledge is applicable to all aspects of the music business and will serve as a great guide.”Abe Laboriel Jr.

    — Abraham Laboriel Jr. (drummer for Paul McCartney) —
  • “Rich Mangicaro…Rare in this life to meet a man of true honor and even more rare to meet a man of his word” Ronald Shannon Jackson (Ornette Coleman, Charles Mingus, Decoding Society) Ronald Shannon Jackson

    — Ronald Shannon Jackson (Ornette Coleman, Charles Mingus, Decoding Society) —
  • “I’ve known Rich for almost two decades and my association with him, both as an artist rep and as a friend, has always been a total joy. He’s a first class human being and his dedication to his work has always be exemplary!”Paul Wertico

    — Paul Wertico (Pat Metheny Group; Grammy winner; Professor-Northwestern University) —
  • “I have had the great pleasure and honor of knowing Rich Mangicaro both professionally and personally for over 19 years. In my professional opinion he possesses a unique and singular talent as a percussionist, educator and performer. I have greatly admired his talent as a musician, educator and clinician in a wide variety of settings. He possesses the ability to clearly articulate the details of his craft and chosen art and has a deep understanding of his instrument and the rich history and the multi-faceted styles, which it embraces. I believe he is a unique and valuable asset to the American musical community as an educator, performer and ambassador of his instrument. Most important of all, he is the kind of musician you want to have in a rhythm section. He has a fluid, relaxed technique, always complementing the music with the right notes and a great feel and such deep musicality! He is that rare combination of talent, musicianship, humanity and a committed work ethic that sets him apart. His positive, open and generous nature is what makes him so appreciated, both as an artist and by the people in the music industry. Rich has worked both sides of the musical fence. When we first met, he was working as the Artist Relations Manager at Paiste Cymbals. He had a thoroughly encyclopedic understanding of all the Paiste lines and what they might offer. Whenever I needed something but didn’t know exactly what it was, Rich listened carefully and then pointed me in the right direction – and he was always right! He often came up with very unusual and colorful combinations of cymbals that I never would have even considered. We often discussed the nature of endorsements and what they meant, at least to us. I know that we both agreed that the only real reason for playing and endorsing an instrument had to be because you loved it, period. I played Paiste cymbals starting in 1970 and was thrilled to finally get an endorsement with them in 1982 and I am still with them! Rich was there for the same reason. He loved the instrument they made and wanted to play them and be a part of the company. He demonstrated that loyalty to Paiste as an invaluable employee for 19 years and continues to use them as an artist to this day.”Doane Perry

    — Doane Perry (drummer for Jethro Tull; Grammy winner) —
  • “I first met Rich 15 years ago. Even at that time, Rich stood out among his colleagues for his impressive ability to meld the vision and goals of the artist with the requirements of doing business. He has an innate talent for finding a balance of artistry/creative energy and business savvy for the good of all involved. Rich is a problem-solver. By working through challenging sponsor-artist relation issues on a daily basis, I observed how he brought working relationships to new levels of understanding. Rich’s natural facility with people and easy diplomacy has been an indispensable asset that, frankly, cannot be taught. He is equally respected and admired by industry professionals as having a realistic awareness of the bottom line. He consistently demonstrates a steadfast loyalty to the success of his company, distinguishing himself as a businessman with staying power who has built long-term, mutually beneficial relationships throughout his career. Rich brings a unique combination of enthusiasm for and knowledge of his product to transactions that will undoubtedly be a powerful asset in is future endeavors. Certainly he is politically gifted but equally important to a career in music merchandising is Rich’s clear understanding of the artists’ needs, being an accomplished percussionist and performer in his own right. As a result, Rich has established himself as a rep who is genuinely liked by artists and colleagues alike. His ease of communication and authoritative yet calm demeanor has earned him a reputation of being both effective and easy to work with, lending a quality of confident professionalism that in my experience is quite rare.”Ed Roscetti

    — Ed Roscetti (Drummer, Composer, Professor of Music-Musician’s Institute, Hollywood, CA) —
  • “I have worked with Richard Mangicaro for many years in the music industry. My connection with Rich is from his years with Paiste Cymbals. He made my life and the lives of many artists and drum technicians very easy because of his amazing ability to work with us in the most positive way. By that I mean Rich listens to the clients and works very closely with them to get what would suit their particular needs. I know this because I am the Drum Technician for Larry Mullen Jr. from U2 for the last 21 years and would be hard pressed to find a more dedicated person to his craft. Richard is also a great friend and I would have no problem in recommending him to you, as he would be an enormous asset to any company. If you need me to reach me, please feel free to email me at”Sam O'Sullivan & Me

    — Sam O'Sullivan (Drum Technician / Studio Manager - U2) —
  • “For more than 20 years at Paiste, Rich Mangicaro distinguished himself in many unique ways with all manner of artists. He profoundly influenced Paiste’s ongoing relations with numerous artists very important to Paiste’s worldwide marketing. The legacy of his work in the area of product development will also serve the company well into the foreseeable future. Rich combined his musical and artistic sensibilities with a solid sense of teamwork, which help overcome the challenges found in the music instrument business. One of the highlights of his communicative skills has proven to be that he is a great listener. He has a special knack for accessing the needs of the most complex end-users with spectacular results. His approach is intensely practical, demonstrating commitment, follow-up and a first-class work ethic. Heavy travel schedules and long hours have never seemed to get in the way of carrying out projects to completion. Working with Rich has a way of transforming mundane proposals into a vital course of action, energized by relationships.”Ed Clift

    — Ed Clift (Former Director of Sales – Paiste America, Inc.) —


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